Saturday, August 1, 2009

Vanessa Hudgen Everything I Own tracks 5:40 on Bandslam CD
Tween Music exclusive preview not on YouTube or anywhere else

As I’ve said, you don’t see the WHOLE song on the Everything I Own video you’ve been watching. Matter of fact, you only get half the song. The video tracks just under 3 minutes. The movie CD version tracks 5:40!

The great part about the movie CD version is it is like a live performance. Hudgen’s voice is tepid to begin but by the second minute she is performing like a trooper – just like a real live performance.

If you think Hudgens talent was wasted throughout the movie, just concentrate on the nearly A cappella part of this clip. So the movie stars two of the finest singers in the world – her and Alyson Michalka.

The screaming you hear at the beginning IS Lisa Kudrow. Yes, the CD features the piano solo of Alyson Michalka singing Phil’s Song, which you’ll come to know as Someone to Fall Back On.

Not violating any copyright laws here. Any good advertising person knows any song under 8 bars is not a copyright infringement.

From YouTube, which has part of Michalka’s solo voicing:

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