Thursday, August 20, 2009

Whaever happened to Michelle Branch?
Is this Miley Cyrus' future?

Michelle Branch played at The Grove in Los Angeles yesterday. At one point she was the pop queen, exactly as Miley Cyrus is today. She was hot, sexy, had a fantastic, beautiful voice. She did a song with Santana that shot her into the stratosphere.

Then she formed the Wreckers, and that's exactly what it did to her career. Sounds like Cheyenne Kimball joining Gloriana. Is Branch's career foretelling Miley Cyrus' future? After all, those tour tickets have been on sale for four months and are yet to sell out.

Stick with us as next week we explore,
Whatever happened to J-Lo? Is this Mariah Carey's future?

1 comment:

  1. Miley's career is not just about her music, or her acting, or her dancing. We love her. That doesn't go away. Her music is already all over the map. She's can do Pop, Country, Dance, Ballads, and next, Rock.