Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ten grand to be a Miley Cyrus roadie

Granted, most roadies do it for free, anyhow. Now someone's going to pay $10,000 to be Miley Cyrus' roadie for a day. Think his name is Mark McLeod of Appling, Ga. Just kidding for those in the know.

Miley is holding some sort of charity auction on Ebay. You can get the blouse in the photo for $110, the cheapest item on the auction. I tried to bid on Mandy Jiroux when I saw this photo, but alas she wasn't one of the auction items.

You can get the same blouse at Walmart for $10, but it doesn't have actual Miley sweat.

Also want to give credit to a wonderful blogger, Social Butterflies. As a journalist, I like to be competitive at being first to deliver news - like the Miley Cyrus fall tour mentioned FIRST here in April.

Social Butterflies has that same kindred journalistic endeavor of beating others. You have to respect that. They were the first to break the Mark McLeod story!

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