Friday, July 31, 2009

Brilliant marketing from Walmart

Walmart has never been known for its marketing brilliance, but Hollywood Records has.

There's a new EP by Miley Cyrus, The Time of Our Lives. Only available through WalMart due to the clothing line deal. Only problem is, it’s unavailable on Walmart’s Web site and if you call the stores they know nothing about it. Great marketing!

Just like the Christmas CD All Wrapped Up, exclusive through Target; it was unavailable too. Hollywood Records also has Bandslam videos of Amphetamine and Everything I Own up, getting great Internet buzz. Only problem, no radio play.

Disney is famous for hiring interns and young, inexperienced people for ALL their positions. Is this true at Hollywood Records, too? Think of the profits they’d make if they had people who knew what they were doing! I’m sure Walt and Roy are turning over in their graves. Hey, wait, wasn’t it Walt who created the cheap labor concept?

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