Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gloriana debuts Aug. 4

Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus have popularized country music. There’s a country music CD/album coming you should pay attention to.

First, I’ll say I’m not a big fan of country music. I wrote about and covered it at The Denver Post because no one else would do it. I traded; I had jazz first. Probably would have killed myself on the jazz beat

The CD you should watch out for is Gloriana.Two words why you should watch this CD – Cheyenne Kimball. Ever hear the Miley Cyrus song Four Walls? Kimball did it first on The Day Has Come.

For some reason she is more comfortable in Gloriana. The muse is a funny thing. I’m not one to tell her to stay solo. Let her pursue her happiness.

I can’t understand why Kimball isn’t up there with Miley Cyrus and all those other top sellers – like Daughtry (proof there is no hope for the world). She has one of the finest voices in the world.

I say the same thing about Aly & AJ, but their music marketing tactics have significantly hurt their musical careers. After seeing Bandslam, Alyson Michalka doesn’t need to worry. She’s on the yellow brick road to thespian Hollywood stardom. After seeing Bandslam, I bestow THE best voice ever award to Michalka. See the review below.

Gloriana isn’t even country. They’re more bluegrass. That didn’t hurt someone I met in Colorado, Jerry Douglas. Taylor Swift recently put pictures of her home up on Twitter asking people to guess where it was. I looked and said, “That’s right next to Jerry Douglas’ property in Hendersonville (Tenn.).” So if Douglas is doing well enough with bluegrass, and touring with Elvis Costello, to afford living next to Taylor Swift, guess being bluegrass isn’t that bad.

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