Monday, July 27, 2009

The world wasn’t ready for this: Bandslam delivers the female James Dean

Okay, let me ruin the film right off the bat. David Bowie does appear in the film – and it is a crucial appearance. We all know what band wins the competition. For those who were waiting to see if Vanessa Hudgens blossomed in this movie; forget it. She’s not really even a bit player, more like a walk on. She fulfills her role of looking gorgeous (she does get to show her voice is just as gorgeous on two versions of Everything I Own).

I will also tell you the video you’ve seen of Everything I Own totally sucks compared to the movie version. So if you think it is good now, wait until you see the movie.

Now, let’s talk about the star of the movie. There has not been a character this edgy since James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause. Jack Nicholson ran with the James Dean ball in The Shining, Easy Rider and One Flow Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

In Bandslam, Alyson Michalka takes the ball, tosses it aside, picks up the ENTIRE track team and runs them across the James Dean finish line in world record time. She’s THAT good.

I have seen Aly & AJ twice and I had shivers go up and down my spine each time I’ve seen them. This movie explains why.

I don’t want to say that much. Last time I saw a movie this far in advance of its release was The Blues Brothers in 1980. The preview I saw of that movie was cut drastically. So I don’t know if Bandslam producers will change this movie.

Let me tell you the best part. There is a song in the movie, Phil’s Song, about Alyson’s Charlotte Banks’ character’s father. You’ll know it as Someone to Fall Back On. There’s a scene that lasts about 30 seconds where Michalka sings the song in a slow piano accompaniment.

The voice that riveted the movie theater I was in was so spectacular, Barbara Streisand during her best performance ever would throw in the towel and walk off the field in comparison to the vocal Michalka delivers (for a brief 30 seconds). Explains why I’ve had shivers every time I’ve seen Aly & AJ.

I’ve toyed with the notion Michalka is the next Hollywood blond bombshell. Sure she’s spectacular looking, even more so in the post movie produced videos. Yet calling her a bombshell is an insult. There hasn’t been an actress in Hollywood as good since Lauren Bacall played opposite Humphrey Bogart. Michalka does it all on her own!

(I just got it - Phil's Song. Michalka was in Phil of the Future. Is this an inside joke?)

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