Thursday, July 30, 2009

A private word to Summit Entertainment about marketing Bandslam

First, get rid of the video of Everything I Own up everywhere and put up the movie version. This one sucks in comparison.

Second, put up a video – doing what you did with Everything I Own of film parts – of Someone to Fall Back On.

Third, quit pandering this as a teen flick. Once moms go with children to this movie, they’re going to see how dark and brooding it really is on a deeper level their children won’t comprehend. You’re going to have all those Desperate Housewives watching moms recommending this movie. This is a movie about high school angst, rejection and feelings. Every mom will love it!

Lastly, I want to thank you for the David Bowie part. Whoever incorporated that whole line of thinking was genius. I will say you’re not going to beat Star Trek or Harry Potter, but you’re going to do a hell of a lot better than I Love You Beth Cooper. I love your marketing strategies; especially Aly & AJ Twittering from London. Genius. Too bad you don’t have Vanessa Hudgens doing the same. Who knows? There's half-a-month until the opening. Maybe you will.


  1. love love Vanessa

  2. Don't know if Anony is Rob Friedman or Patrick Wachsberger, but that explains why she's in the movie. For those who haven't seen it - what can I say. There's never been a music performance like this in any movie. Beats Eddie and the Cruisers.