Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bandslam movie plot

Okay, someone already complained I didn’t reveal the plot to Bandslam – that I just gushed over Alyson Michalka’s “coming out” as an actress.

Almost every Elvis Presley movie was – Boy meets girl, boy gets in a fight. Boy loses girl, boy gets in a fight. Boy meets new girl, has a fist-to-cuff fight. Boy goes back to old girl – not sure if there was a fight here or not. With lots of music.

The plot to Bandslam is pretty much the same without any fighting and the boy gets both girls, I think – maybe not. But there is lots and lots of music. If Hollywood Records is smart, they will release a three CD set with all the music. Vanessa Hudgen’s wonderful acoustic version of Everything I Own (showcasing why she’s one of today’s top vocalists) and a full version of Alyson Michalka singing solo with Phil’s Song.

The movie works on the same intelligence level Terms of Endearment did. So the plot is a little bit back and forth, or twisted. Now if you watch it realizing Michalka’s character isn’t what she seems – Vanessa Hudgens says it at one point to Will. Expect to see a character much like Lindsay Lohan’s role in Mean Girls, only to have the Lindsay Lohan movie look as Pollyanna as a Taylor Swift song by the end of Bandslam. Now you know the plot – oh, and David Bowie is in it.

All the other characters, especially Kudrow’s, could be played by anyone else, except Michalka. Sort of like Sigourney Weaver in Aliens or Bill Murray in Ghostbusters.

I will reveal when Alyson Michalka sings I Want You to Want Me, try whatever you do not to think of Miley Cyrus doing a Tammy Wynette impression.

I will add, I was impressed by Scott Porter's acting. He didn't portray the character as it was meant to be. He added depth and humanity to it.

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