Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hannah Montana 3 soundtrack debuts at #2
Sells half Jonas Brothers CD
Is Miley Cyrus fad done?

Never thought it would happen, but the Hannah Montana Volume 3 soundtrack did not jump out of the box at number 1. It placed #2 behind an R&B artist who hasn’t released a CD in nearly a decade – and it wasn’t Michael Jackson, either.

The Hannah Montana CD bowed with a mere 137,000 units; nearly half the 247,000 units Jonas Brothers Lines Vines and Trying Times launched at, and about a fourth of what I thought the soundtrack would do.

It opened second to R&B singer Maxwell who has not had a product since 2001. He sold 316,000 units, making Hannah Montana’s career look even more uncertain.

Cyrus came on the scene as a clone to Hilary Duff, whose show Lizzie Mcguire left the Disney stable two years before Hannah Montana bowed in 2006. January of 2009 Duff was released from her Hollywood Records contract.

In 2007 Cyrus’ tour sold 69 cities out in less than an hour. Her upcoming 45 cities tour has tickets available for every show five weeks after initial sale. Is this the beginning of the end of Cyrus’ career? She recently signed for a fourth season of Hannah Montana. She is filming The Last Song. The Hannah Montana Movie, opening with about $45,000, is still in the box office top 10 for 2009.

Only 137,000 units of her new CD. Questions are – is she as popular as ever but with the current economic conditions, people are listening to the songs on YouTube and other sites and foregoing purchasing. Are downloads higher, thus reducing initial CD sales? Or has Miley Cyrus lost the publics’ eye? Have her fans outgrown her as they get older. Have Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez replaced her in the hearts of Tweens?


  1. Maybe HM is fading but HM3 has some great performances on it and may have some of Miley's best vocals. But with some 7 million viewers of the last HM episode she still has a solid enough fan base to keep her career going strong...maybe not as a superstar but that only lasts "15 minutes" anyway. I think we will be getting great music from Miley long after HM has turned into a camp classic, an under-rated satire on pop stardom and teenage identity despite its Disney connections.

  2. Love the input - as we said in the U.S. desert, es verdad.