Monday, July 6, 2009

Today’s Aly & AJ update

Since TMZ died with its Michael Jackson coverage (TMJ=All Michael all the time), you need to come here for your Aly and AJ news. Reportedly Alyson has finished filming The Roommate.

She and Amanda are reportedly in the studio tomorrow doing overdubs and what we used to call EQ-ing. Think the term is sweetening today.

Have a partial list of the songs that will be on the next CD

Next Worst Thing – more than likely first single from the CD

Lovesick – don’t know if this is from Bandslam or a different alternate take


The Edge – confident it’s not about U2 guitar player

Say Hello

Damaged (co-written, and reportedly featuring, ‘80s band Heart)


The jury is still out if these Bandslam songs by Aly will be included. Believe the Dynamic Duo are still on Hollywood Records, which is also handling Bandslam soundtrack. So Bandslam tunes that could end up on the yet to be titled Aly & AJ CD

I want you to want me (Growing up in New Mexico, I thought it was Sheep Trick)


Someone to Fall Back On

More Alyson Michalka news. Are she and Lisa Kudrow of Friends having an affair? Bandslam hasn’t even opened and Aly will be off on another film with Kudrow within the month. It will be Easy A, starring Amanda Bynes (who?), based on The Scarlett Letter. Aly will play Rhiannon. It is being directed by Will Gluck, who has produced a string of loser movies like Fired Up. Isn’t it always better if you have no expectations going in?

Just think, she could be on tour opening for Miley Cyrus (making millions) but instead is going for Easy A. Who’s her agent? Of course, Easy A could end up like Kudrow’s film that was to open before Bandslam, Love and Other Impossible Pursuits, which appears to have been shelved. Good idea to give up touring for a bit part in this film! Who’s her agent, again?

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