Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tween Music goes international

Below are the top 25 countries following according to Google.

I can understand UK – my family is in Erie (Ireland). So are Aly & AJ – hope they’re following. Germany’s #6? Come on Rainer, get those German construction workers to lighten up and listen to Tween US music. I can understand, though. Don’t think Bandslam opens there until November.

I’m also shocked Mexico is #10. Venido en individuos. Vivo a la derecha en la frontera. We' re vecinos. I’m a Sonoran Bedouin. We live in the SAME desert!

If you live in an international country, like Texas, leave a comment. Thank you for your support.

1. United States

2. United Kingdom

3. Philippines

4. France

5. Canada

6. Germany

7. Brazil

8. Malaysia

9. Australia

10. Mexico

11. Argentina

12. Taiwan

13. Italy

14. Poland

15. Brunei

16. Lithuania

17. Portugal

18. Croatia

19. Panama

20. Denmark

21. United Arab Emirates

22. Bosnia and Herzegovina

23. Sweden

24. Trinidad and Tobago

25. Saudi Arabia


  1. Does Michigan count as an international country? We're almost Canadian or at least we can watch some Canadian TV. I'm impressed with your coverage of "Bandslam" and the tween music scene. Its kind of ironic that Disney is spawning the most music 'scene' of the moment but it'll be interesting to see if a 'rock star' emerges from it. I had placed my bets on Miley with her country/rockabilly roots (BRC can rock when he wants to) but her new "Party in the USA", or at least the leaked version, may prove me wrong. Maybe Aly is a better bet.
    Terry Echterling

  2. Thank you for your comments – and signing, Terry. I thought you were Princess Clark-Wendel who grew up in Detroit, but you’re in the home of ROCK, East Lansing, correct? Are you the Medieval MSU professor? That must be A business card title.

    No, Disney will not have a ROCK star emerge – never ever. Yet they rule the world music-wise. See posts on current and future #1 hits. I do believe the music scene is changing. When you see Bandslam, I think the future is Everything I Own – going back to roots music. An example is my daughter heard this great new band called the Everly Brothers. Wait ‘til she hears Ricky Nelson!

    As for Aly & AJ, I’d love to dream, but I’m not holding my breath. I believe they should have done like groups of the ‘70s did – in East Lansing – like Alice Cooper and KISS. You toured with the new material, refined it from audience response and then recorded it. I believe music would be better if today’s musicians did that. I love the quality of music today, but it could be better by touring in front of a CD (Demi Lovato did this but the CD was in the can already).

  3. One more you have now, me. I will work on those other german construction workers, promised.

  4. You're right about East Lansing but I'm still only a grad student (due to a thirty year break after my junior year and Ancient Philosophy not Medieval.) But I'm a rock'n'roller at heart, the first time I dropped out of college was to work in a record store which at the time was central to the local music scene. I haven't had much interest in the new people coming along since Stevie Ray Vaughn died. For some reason the current crop of Disney 'stars' caught my attention.. it might more for the 'cultural' implications than the music itself but there has been some fairly interesting pop songs from these 'tween' stars. A lot better than the days of New Kids on the Block...
    I should go back and listen to Ricky Nelson myself...child TV actor turned pop star...of course his career was kind of tragic. I hope Miley Cyrus does better. "Party in the USA" is growing on me although if she "refined it from audience response and then recorded it" it might be a great song rather than just a good effort by a 16 year old searching for a sound of her own.

  5. Mr. Echterling:

    Drop a note to Would love to talk.

    Yes, Disney (owns Hollywood, I believe) has become the Brill Building or Tin Pan Alley of the 21st Century. Even have one little composer called Elton John.

    Would love to discuss MC5, Terry Knight and the Pack, what was John Sinclair's band's name? Was talking about this to a guy who KNEW both Vaughans the day you posted. See Amazing David at

  6. Believe Party in the USA is from The Last Song. My prediction is Last Song tunes like will be slowly released while Miley is on tour - yes, I have tickets! I also have photos of Ricky Nelson in concert - saw Hendrix 4 times.

    Ashley Tisdale and Miley Cyrus are marketing geniuses. Miley earns $500,000 PER DAY and she's 16.7. I say she should buy Dubai.

  7. correction - it is a limited edition EP available at Wal-Mart called The Times of Our Lives.