Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Should I or should I not comment on Aly and AJ new name 78Violet

On Bandslam there’s an Aly & AJ tune (not just Alyson) titled Lovesick, reportedly also on their forthcoming album, CD, whatever. On Bandslam it is listed as 78Violet, with a space. According to an Aly & AJ Twitter today, this is the band’s new name, no space - pronounced seventy eight violet (You guys are unbelievable! This is how you spell "our new name" 78violet. No spaces. All lower case letters. Love you all.. Fyi.....u pronounce #78violet as seventy eight violet:) Because it's the 7th month on the 8th day Xo #78violet Not the reasoning we named ourselves #78violet But we released the statement about it on this day. Xo Aly & AJ of #78violet). Personally, I still prefer Dynamic Duo, a name I coined when they appeared with Miley Cyrus on KISS’ Rock and Roll All Night. I thought a single should have been released calling it Hannah and the Dyrnamic Duo.

Now the Internet is abuzz that 78Violet is their new name. Really, what does it matter? When is it out and when are they going to tour? I saw Jimi Hendrix four times, and as a music writer have talked to, watched or photographed every major band from the Rolling Stones and Yardbirds on. Some of the best concerts were Eric Clapton, Rod Steward, ZZ Top, but I don’t believe I’ve ever been as knocked out as when I saw Aly & AJ open their show in Phoenix last time they were on tour - two years ago this week. I was so overwhelmed I traveled to Las Vegas to see them again – and they were just as HOT.

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  1. Nice MTV I like that. I watch this video with hafez my childhood friend.