Friday, July 31, 2009

Another private word to Summit Entertainment about marketing Bandslam
Marriage with Hollywood Records

Thanks to all your employees who visited this site yesterday. Really appreciate it. Think you’re doing a terrific job marketing Bandslam. One of the best campaigns I’ve ever seen. Yet, I have one more way to improve it.

You’ve used two Tween favorites for your new movie – both in the Hollywood Records stable. This gives it a teen slant, yet after seeing it, the movie is more a drama in the Terms of Endearment realm.

The one fault I have, and it is not your fault, is you’ve released the video of Everything I Own, and a clip of Amphetamine, yet there has been no radio play. When I say radio play, I mean Internet as well as main stream.

Hollywood Records is working with Miley Cyrus putting Hannah Montana Volume 3 songs out before the CD was available. Ironically, those landed (played) right when her tour tickets went on sale.

You could be driving tons of momentum for Bandslam if songs were getting radio rotation. You need to address this with your Hollywood label connection.

Loved the movie!

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